Import Data from SQL in Excel without third party tool

By | April 19, 2013
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In this tutorial, we will learn to import data from SQL directly to Excel without using any third party tools and programming techniques. To demonstrate this scenario, i have used MS Excel 2007.

What we required to get data in Excel file from SQL?

  1. MS Excel 2007
  2. SQL login credentials

Steps to get the data in Excel File.

  1. Open MS Excel
    1. Press Window button and “D” together Run Window will open
    2. Type “Excel” and hit enter or click on “ok” button


    1. Click on Start Button
    2. Select All Programs –> Microsoft Office –> Microsoft Office Excel 2007


Click on Data Tab, i have highlight the same in below image


Click on “From Other Sources” –> Select “From SQL Server”


Data Connected Wizard will Open


Select Database

Click on Finish Button to get the data


Select the first cell or the cell from where you want the data


Data will now in your excel file


You can refresh this data any time without connecting the SQL server, only need to click on refresh all button available under Data tab


Additionally, we can do advance setting in connection property to refresh the data whenever excel will open. Follow the instruction mentioned below.


You can share this excel file with any one, data will refresh on any computer where ever SQL DB server have access. If your DB is hosted on static IP and you are using SQL Authentication then it will refresh data the data any where. However, if SQL server is in LAN network then you will able to refresh the data in LAN network only.

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