Multi Sql Query Executer (Azure DB)

By | November 25, 2014
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In this article we will see one of the application /  tool developed by me to run the SQL Query on multiple SQL Server different database at same time. Many time in our projects we found the situation that  we need to execute procedure or sql scripts at 5-10 database.Then we need to open the MS SQL Query Analyzer window and then connect the SQL sever and execute the query on data base manually. With the help of tool i have created you will able to execute single script at multiple SQL server / Database including Azure Data.

This tool is available at github

Download the installer from git hub and install the same in your system.

There might be possibility that you may get access error depends on your operating system settings. If you encounter such problem, go the location where you install the application.

  1. Right Click on Folder
  2. Click on Properties
  3. Click on Security Tab
  4. Click on Edit
  5. Permission window will open
  6. Assign Full Control for all accounts mentioned in Group or Usernames:
  7. Click on Ok Button.



Now application is ready to perform multiple action on just click.

First you need to add project like many time it happens that we work on multiple project just add new project in system by opening the Add Project Window using short cut key (Ctrl+Shift+N). Enter Project Name and Version and Click on Add Button.

In this way you can add multiple project here. Now you need to enter the SQL connection string by opening the “Connect to DB Window” using short key (Ctrl+N).

Enter the following details:

  1. Select Project Name
  2. Enter Server name
  3. Enter Password
  4. Enter DB Name (You can add multiple database name separated by (,) if the database lie on same server)
  5. Select Authentication Type (Windows or SQL)
  6. If SQL Authentication then enter username and password
  7. Click on Connect Button.






Application will check the connection settings if connection verified then it will get added to your application.

Now your application is ready for execute query.

Select the project from drop down available at left side and checked the DB where you want to execute the query.

Type or Copy paste the SQL Query on Query Analyzer Panel and click on execute button or Press (F5)

You will able to see progress of query execution on top of query analyzer on progress bar.

This tools is available for free.

Please share your concern if you faced any issues by using this application, your feedback will help me to improve this tool which will help lots of developer like us who is working on multiple SQL environment at same time.

Don’t forget to share your comments.

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