MS Excel Query Analyzer

Many time it happened that we store some records on Excel since it is classic way to store data offline, and we want to perform some query on it excel is providing lots of tools and utility where you can filter the data as you want but then also you need to have an knowledge of Advacne Excel.

For programmer point of few excel import is important fetaures which will import the bulk data into database with single upload and click. However we were writing the SQL Query inline to import the data, many times happened that query are wrong or not supported by OLEDB driver but supported on SQL Driver in that case programmer will debug the code and check the error then correct the query and re-run.

Even i also face same issue and then think to create our own utlity which will help me prepaed the SQL query which will run on excel without fail. Also, you can perform many operation which you like to perform in MS SQL without importing data in MS SQL.

Utility is user friendly and easy to use, no need to login it is available in open source.

Steps to use the same:

  1. Download the Utility from this link
  2. Install the same on your desktop
  3. Click here to download portable utility (No Need to Install)
  4. Open the application
  5. Click on Connect button and select the excel file
  6. Write you query in Query Analyzer window
  7. Click on Execute icon or Press F5
  8. Result will appear on Results window, if there is any messages it will appear in message tab.